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  • Goglide Helmet & Goggle Protection

    Helmet Rain Repellent Nasiol Goglide

    Goglide nanotechnology gives your helmet and goggles superior protection in conditions like rain, mud and snow. Keeps your vision clear. Perfect for driving, riding, boating, and various sports.

    >>> Repel water and residue from whatever hits your helmet and goggles.
    >>> No need to pause from activity to wipe off whatever impedes your vision.
    >>> You and your companions stay safe because your vision remains clear.
    >>> Enjoy recreational sports like mountain climbing and scuba diving like never before with goggles clear of any residue from rainwater, saltwater and inferior cleaners.
    >>> Ride your motorbike in the rain with a clear vision as if it’s not pouring at all!

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  • Pershoes Shoes Nano Protection

    Waterproof spray for shoes and boots

    Pershoes is easily applied on textile, suede and nubuck shoes and boots to protect them from stains and water damage. It is the best way to waterproof boots.

    • Nasiol Pershoes coated shoes, boots, suedes gain a highly stain and water repellent manner that results to an easy-clean.
    • Water, mud, dust, grime;  they all slide off, requiring little to no time and effort for cleaning your shoes.
    • Your shoes and boots stays cleaner and shinier for longer with Nasiol Pershoes.
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  • Perwear Personal Textile Nano Protection

    Waterproof spray for your clothes & garments

    Perwear protects personal garments from water and stain, giving an easy-clean effect. Ideal for outer wear, sportswear, and delicate fabrics you want preserved for as long as possible.

    >>> Think of your wedding gown. Want to pass it on to your daughter? What about a lucky tie? Want to pass it on to your son? You can! And it would be preserved well while in storage.
    >>> Souvenir items, like your child’s first booties and mittens, first onesies and first tiny suit–all effectively preserved for posterity.
    >>> Sportswear keeps you dry even in wet conditions, and will wear longer.
    >>> Your own sweat won’t ruin your garments.
    >>> Delicate fabrics won’t be damaged when washed.
    >>> Prints and dyes and delicate threading are preserved from damage.

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