Coatings have always been used to protect several surfaces in the world. Until recently, coatings were inferior and needed regular maintenance and replacement to be effective.

Today, nano coating has catapulted to the best option for coating in most fields of application.

Most of the conventional coating systems have already started to evolve into nanocoatings in themselves. Companies are constantly trying to develop new coatings for better protection, lifespan and new features.

Nanocoating technology is also called “smart silis tech”, which means economy in the consumption of raw materials, which leads to less environmental impact while increasing performance.

Nanosized Topcoats

Easy-to-apply topcoats give surfaces both protection from environmental aspects and multiple features without changing surface characteristic like colour, texture and breathability. Their application surfaces are unlimited and are used in a wide range of sectors from textile to automotive: painted surfaces, glass, ceramics, metal, wood, plastic, mineral surfaces.

One of the key benefits of nano coatings is their outstanding durability.

Main features of Protective Nanocoatings

●     Self-Cleaning: Surfaces stay clean, saving time and resources otherwise spent on maintenance. For instance, nano coating gives paint an excellent. ‘Easy-clean’ and ‘stain-resistant’.

●     Corrosion resistance: Surfaces protected by nano coatings have little to no visible corrosion for an indefinite period.

●     Scratch resistance: Nano coating gives superior hardness, ideal for use on delicate surfaces like car paint, prescription eyeglasses and medical and scientific instruments

●     Water repellent (Waterproof): Ensures clear vision and safety for transparent surfaces. Also protects surfaces prone to water damage, like textiles, woods, plastics, painted surfaces and metals. It is commonly applied and known as Hydrophobic Nano Coating, Waterproof Coating, Waterproof Sprays, Hydrophobic Water Sprays and Hydrophobic Sprays

●     UV protection: Nano particles effectively filters harmful UV rays, protecting your surface paint and colouring.